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Absent Voters' List

AVL Registration CardThe Representation of the People Act, passed by Parliament on 6 February 1918, allowed servicemen over the age of 21 serving away from home to register in order to obtain a vote in the constituency of their home address. The first lists were published on 15 October 1918 from details supplied by the men themselves before the closing date for applications of 18 August 1918. Note that any servicemen under the qualifying age do not appear in the register.

The 1918 Absent Voters' List for Woodchurch contains 89 names, which are transcribed here directly from an original bound copy held at the Centre for Kentish Studies, Maidstone, Kent. The original contains a number of errors (e.g. 'Havlackenden' rather than 'Harlackenden') which remain uncorrected in this online version.

If you need any help with the abbreviations of military units, please contact me.

No Name First Names Address Service No Rank Regiment
6088 ARTHUR Henry James Barman Mayshaves 1010 R.A.M.C.
6089 ARTHUR Charles James Mayshaves 142004 Pte. 6th M.G.C.
6090 AVERY Aubrey Edward The Pavement 24949 Spr. 2nd Coy., R.E.
6091 BACK Harold Nelson Hengherst Cottage 134286 Spr. 419th F. Coy., R.E.
6092 BACK Reginald Village 11040 Hampshires
6093 BACK Henry Thomas Near Church 242712 Pte. 5th Buffs
6094 BAILEY Percy Benchill 241360 Pte. 5th Buffs
6095 BARTON Ernest Percival Lower Green 514121 Pte. 988th Lab. Btn.
6096 BAXTER William Baldshaves 152100 Pte. 390th Labour Co.
6097 BESLEE Leonard Eric Village 2649 7th Buffs
6098 BESLEE Horace Hay Cross 466963 Pte. H. S. Emp. Co.
6099 BLIGH Frederick Shirkoak 41994 Pte. 15th London Rgt.
6100 BLIGH E. H. Shirkoak 2nd Buff
6101 BOORMAN Harry Albert Stonebridge Inn 293662 Pte. 10th Middlesex
6102 BOURNE Hedley Victor Mill Cottage 29577 4th East Yorks.
6103 BOURNE Percy Edward Mill Cottage 327218 1st Cambridgeshires Trans.
6104 BOURNE Herbert Mill Cottage 45867 Pte. 15th Suffolks
6105 BOURNE Henry Joseph Mill Cottage 203430 4th Buffs
6106 BOURNE Alfred Parish Farm 240246 Pte. 5th Buffs
6107 BOURNE Arthur Lower Green 120174 Pte. 77th Siege Bty.
6108 BOURNE Harry Lower Green 111817 Bdr. R.G.A.
6109 BOURNE William Frogs Hole 275525 Pte. 1st Somerset L.I.
6110 BOURNE Ernest William Drayson House 243022 Pte. 5th Buffs
6111 BOURNE William Charles Drayson House 31592 Pte. 8th R. Welsh Fus.
6112 BOOTHROYD Albert Haffenden Brook St. 527321 Cpl. R.A.M.C.
6113 BRIDGER Harold Lower Green 15513 Sgt. 10th R. West Kents
6114 BURGESS Allen Village 36697 Pte. 12th Bedfords.
6115 BURGESS Arthur James Village 22035 L/Cpl. 1st Essex
6116 BUCKMAN Charles Herbert Wesley Cottage 42875 L/Cpl. 16th Y. & Lancs.
6117 BUNN Edward Geoffrey The Cot 240044 Sgt. 5th Buffs
6118 BUTTER George Wistaria Cottage 106013 Pte. 1st Herts. Yeo.
6119 CHAPLING Charles Richard Brickiln 27635 198th Co.
6120 CHAPLING Edward Thomas Brickiln 203200 Pte. 4th Buffs
6121 CHAPLING Stephen John Newhurst 13772 Pte. 1st Buffs
6122 CHAPLIN Philip Redbrook St. 242718 Pte. 5th Buffs
6123 CHASMAR Cyril John Church Gates 63505 L/Cpl. 6th Q.R.W. Surreys
6124 CHOWN George Capon Mount Pleasant 80281 L/Cpl. Essex Yeo.
6125 CRANMER Abraham Lower Green 245177 Pte. 1st W. Kents
6126 DEVONSHIRE John Henry Lower Green 453906 Pte. Agric. Lab. Corps
6127 DITTON Reginald Lower Green 240202 Pte. 5th Buffs
6128 DUNSTER Charles Richard Lower Green 165682 Pte. A.R.S., R.A.F.
6129 FULLAGER Alfred Gilbert Brick Wall J/34844 Tel. H.M.S. "Roberts"
6130 FULLAGER Gerald Brick Wall 202494 Pte. 4th R. W. Kents
6131 FULLAGAR Walter Thomas White House Lands 79391 Cpl. 290th S. Bty., R.G.A.
6132 GEORGE Edward Bachelor Hillside 495171 Pte. 82nd F. Am., R.A.M.C.
6133 GEORGE Hedley John Hillside 492042 L/Cpl. R.A.M.C.
6134 GOODSELL John Lower Green 240509 Sgt. 4th Res. Buffs
6135 HALL Richard Henry Forge House 2155 Staff/Sgt. A.O.C.
6136 HART Frank Jasmine Cottage G/61528 Pte. 6th Middlesex
6137 HART Charles Jasmine Cottage 495474 Pte. R.A.M.C.
6138 HART Fred Lower Green 258350 Pte. Remount Depot
6139 HART William Goode Brick Wall 202500 Pte. 4th R.W. Kents
6140 HART Frederick Shirk Oak 64198 Bdr. C. Anti-Aircraft By.
6141 HART Ernest John Victor Jasmine Cottage 33964 Pte. 6th Y. & Lancs.
6142 HOMEWOOD Albert Edward Thorn House 23305 L/Cpl. Gren. Gds.
6143 HOOK William Henry Stonebridge Farm 270363 Pte. 10th East Kent Yeo.
6144 HOWE Warren Stuart Lower Green 137424 Pte. Labour Co.
6145 HYDER Alfred Appledore Rd. 202332 Pte. 5th Buffs
6146 JEFFREY Percy Westwell House 490686 Sgt. 13th London Rgt.
6147 JENNER Ernest Frank William Coldblow 497438 L/Cpl. 443rd Agric. Lab. Corps
6148 KENWARD James Frederick Church Gates 265758 Pte. 1st R.W. Kents
6149 LINDRIDGE Charles Village 205087 Pte. 17th Essex
6150 MARCHANT Francis Oliver Boldshaves Capt. 5th Buffs
6151 MARSHALL Donald Wesley Village 138943 Sig. R.G.A.
6152 MARSHALL Hugh Duncan Village 101033 Pte. R.A.M.C.
6153 MEDHURST Thomas Gordon Henry Great Engham 2nd Lieut. 1st R.E. Kent Yeo.
6154 MILTON Raymond Bonny Cravat 265823 Pte. 1st R.W. Kents
6155 NEWMAN Albert Henry Lower Green 243729 Pte. 5th Q.R.W. Surreys
6156 ORPIN Charles Robert Havlackenden 265530 Cpl. 1st R.W. Kents
6157 ORPIN Percy Havlackenden 155247 Spr. R.E.
6158 PARSONS Ernest Pound Cottage 240160 Pte. 5th Buffs
6159 PARSONS Albert May Farm M2/106201 Pte. M. T. Co.
6160 PELLETT Arthur James Lower Green 162033 Pte. 51st Durham L.I.
6161 POPE Alfred Village 43980 Pte. 13th Middlesex
6162 PRIOR Arthur Charles Little Lackenden 25517 Pte. Grenadier Gds.
6163 PRIOR George Thomas Boldshaves 240595 Pte. 5th Buffs
6164 PRIOR John Charles Boldshaves 50899 5th Middlesex
6165 PRYER Frederick Thomas Lower Green 98786 Cpl. R.A.M.C.
6166 RHODES Stephen Village 495374 Pte. 697th Agric. Co.
6167 RICKARD Frank Rupert The Stables, Hengherst 39587 Dvr. R.F.A.
6168 RUBIE William David Village 109916 Sgt. A.S.C.
6169 RUSSELL Dawyel Louis The Stores 270808 11th West Kents
6170 SAMSON Henry Franklin Village 76257 Pte. 12th Hvy. Bty. R.G.A.
6171 SAMSON Curtis William Edward Village 25478 Pte. R.W. Kents
6172 TANTON Lewis Edward The Mills Lieut. 5th Lancs.
6173 THOMAS William Ernest Watson Melrose 2nd Lieut. R.W. Kents
6174 WEST John Cornelius Millands Q.M.S. 256th Inf. Bn., Norwich
6175 WILLIS Percy Lower Green 241875 Pte. 6th R.W. Kents
6176 WILLIS William Thomas Lower Green 32117 Pte. 9th East Surreys

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