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Tenterden District Vaccination Records

Further Information

  • These records showed everything on the birth certificate except the mother's forenames and her maiden name. The exception was where the child was illegitimate. A copy of the birth certificate costs 9.25 in the UK (06 May 2010).
  • Where a child had more than two names, the Vaccination Record showed third and fourth forenames in full. The GRO Birth/Death Indexes only showed initials after the second forename.
  • Where a child died before the Vaccination cycle was complete, the date of death was given.
  • Where a child died before being named, the Vaccination Record gave the name of the father as well as the date of death. A copy of the death certificate costs 9.25 in the UK (06 May 2010).
  • Occasionally the death of a child appeared in the GRO Index in the Quarter before the birth. The Vaccination Record ties these two events together. There were 10 births/deaths per completed page. The Registrar appeared to have a cut off point for submission of pages to the GRO that was related to the date of registration not the date of birth/death. Sometimes this was based on a completed page, when he thought that another page would not be completed that quarter.
  • Where the child and presumably the family, left Tenterden District before the Vaccination cycle was complete, this was stated but not where they went.
  • For those researchers who rely on FreeBMD for GRO Birth Index details, the transcribers checked each Vaccination Record against the FreeBMD transcription of the GRO Birth/Death Indexes. About 5% of the FreeBMD entries had errors. FreeBMD were informed and the corrections made. If the original GRO Birth/Death Indexes entry was wrong, that could not be changed. Occasionally, the birth/death did not appear in FreeBMD or the GRO Index. This was noted by the transcribers.
  • The Vaccination Records were compared to the Church Records in Woodchurch and the Non-conformist Baptisms currently on the Woodchurch Ancestry Website. Any missing details in either file were added. About a third of all children born in Woodchurch during this period were not christened at All Saints (CofE) or baptized at the chapels (Methodist).
  • When the deaths of Woodchurch children were compared to the Woodchurch Burial Register, a number where missing. The reason for this is unknown. It has been suggested, based purely on anecdotal evidence, that, because the cost of burying the child was beyond the means of many very poor families, the body was slipped into the coffin of the next adult due for burial by the carpenter/undertaker without anything being said or recorded.

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