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Woodchurch Parish Chest 1633-1849


The 1697 Settlement Act debarred strangers from residing in a parish unless they provided a Settlement Certificate showing that they would be taken back by their home parish if they became in need of poor relief. Removal Orders were issued when this became necessary. Examinations under oath were often carried out to determine a personís position. When an unmarried woman became pregnant, the parish tried to determine her home parish immediately and remove her if necessary as the child would become liable to poor relief in the parish where he or she was born. Bastardy Orders detailed procedures to be taken against fathers for the maintenance of illegitimate children.

Further Information

This database was compiled between January 2008 and May 2009 by Patricia Chown of the Woodchurch Ancestry Group using the film viewing facilities at the Centre for Kentish Studies, Maidstone. It contains 532 records of Settlement Orders, Removal In Orders, Removal Out Orders and Bastardy Orders.

The use of square brackets [ ] shows where the transcribers have found something additional that they hope will be useful to readers tracing their ancestors.

The database is not an absolutely true copy of the originals because of repetition. In interpreting and transcribing the entries, Pat aimed her efforts at genealogists rather than palaeographers. Researchers should always check the original documents.

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