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Scuppets & Scutchell 3

Scuppets & Scutchell Issue 3

Scuppets & Scutchell is the new local history journal for Woodchurch researched, written and produced by members of the Woodchurch Ancestry Group. Our third issue has 86 full-colour pages packed with interesting and well-researched articles about the village including the beginnings of the village as an Anglo-Saxon settlement; the brutal flogging of Ann Brisley near the Bonny Cravat for having an illegitimate child; the chance discovery of a 1922 time capsule at Townland Farm; how the poor of the village switched from local wood for cooking and heating to coal from collieries in the northeast of England; a history of the 135-year-old Gardening Society; the story of the influential le Clerke family who lived in the village for over five hundred years; the red and blue badges paupers claiming financial assistance from the parish in the 1600s were forced to wear as marks of shame; and how Operation Sea Lion, Hitler's plan to invade southern England in 1940, would have put Woodchurch on the front line. Scuppets & Scutchell is for anyone interested in the history of Woodchurch or keen to discover more about the village's fascinating past.

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